Expand Ancillary & Diagnostic Care Labs, Ft. Harrison VA System

Dollar Value of Project
  • $4,500,000
Location of Work
  • Ft. Harrison, Helena, MT
  • Terry Hannigan, Contracting Officer
Project Description

The first phase of this project involved an 8,000 sq ft second floor addition to an existing hospital above the current, occupied surgery center. As the hospital was occupied during construction, special care was required to mitigate any impacts on the day to day operations of the hospital. This included additional QC oversight and coordination with VA Hospital Representatives to ensure that construction activities did not disrupt, interfere or compromise the integrity of the occupied facility. Roof leaks were of particular concern as they would intrude directly into patient care areas. Throughout the project, zero leaks occurred.

Once the 2nd floor addition was completed, hospital staff relocated to the new addition. The second phase of this project involved the remodel of the vacated area. This area was remodeled as the second phase of the project. This phase included 4,000 sq ft of the existing facility to be remodeled into a morgue.

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